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People want to be IMPACTED by music.  It's a fact.  Yes music has its more functional and even therapeutic side.  But the original purpose of music, beside specifically to bring glory to its Creator, was to impact people.  Kyle Turner's music impacts people.  It is both passionate and reflective.  It is both "old" and youthful.  It is both raw and refined.  Kyle Turners soul is exposed in every note he plays.  And that's the way music was intended to be!

Kirk Whalum

"Experiencing a Kyle Turner performance or recording is symbolic of seeing and hearing a Saturn V rocket on takeoff.  The fire and unbridled energy he displays is only harnessed by the inner passions of his spiritual self as a musician.  He can shift gears in a heartbeat., while taking his listeners on a melodic, whimsical and sensous carpet ride into fantasy land.  His sound can be bold and funky, while his melodic grooves can be captivating and filled with intimate desires"

Sheldon Nunn, Jus Jazz Preservation Society

"Having known and worked with Kyle Turner for the last 10 years, I'm glad to see that he has continued to do so well in this industry.  KT3 has some great tracks; Evening Falls and The Miracle Of Love are two songs that I feature on my show.  Ballads such as Ballerina Girl and The Way Of Love, Mr Turner makes sure you feel his spirit and soul.  KT3 is truly a great CD.  Grab it for yourself, and see why I make it a part of my radio show on a weekly basis."

Jazz Show Host, Sunday Morning Jazz, Jabari Warfield


Houston native Kyle Turner's saxophone speaks through his hear and any listener within audible reach can hear the rich and mult-layered result.  Turner's contemporary Urban Jazz speaks volumes about perseverance and hard work, artistry, love and family and the human quest for spiritual connection.

Attitudes Magazine


"I had the opportunity to hear KT play for the first time in 1985.  I was blown away by his sound.  Not only did this cat sound good.  He commanded the stage and performed for his audience.  You could feel his spirit and soul with every note.  I have watched him grow and develop into one of the greatest saxophone players of our time.  For many of us who have had the opportunity to hear him play on a regular basis, it is easy to take him for granted.  History will write of Kyle in the same breath as Washington, Gordon and Coltrane.

Thomas Houston