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Kyle Turner Performances

January 18   Phil and Dereks    Houston tx
January 20   Sambuca      Houston TX
January 25      private Event     Houston TX
january 27    Roscoe's Deli    fullerton CA
                   with Ronnie coleman     namm showcase
Every Thursday phil and derek's   Houston tx
february 2   B.B. Kings    new york NY
                         with Regina Belle
February 8        Lancaster SC
                      with regina belle
March 9  Orlando Jazz Fest soiree  orlando fl
march 10  orlando jazz festival    orlando fl
march 29   austin urban fest     austin Tx
april 29 thru May 6    tom joyner cruise 

To book Kyle Turner contact:  Frederick Nichelson / 1402 N. Corinth Street, Suite 115 / Corinth,TX 76208 / Toll Free: (877) 629-4752 / Email: fanbass@aol.com / Website: www.nichelsonentertainment.com